Why I Like The Halo Franchise So Much


Master Chief/ John 117 Source: Comic Book

Talan Tabares, Beat Reporter

First playing Halo is like being born into another world. There is so much lore that you can research about the game. The characters are very diverse and the enemies all have an interesting history behind them. I am going to tell you why I like Halo so much, and why it is my favorite video game franchise of all time.

The gameplay in Halo is different than most first-person shooter games. You could not aim down the sights in Halo, until its latest game, Halo 5, came out. There are many vehicles that you can use in Halo, from the iconic Warthog to the Mantis. This makes the gameplay very fun when playing campaign and multiplayer. There are also many weapons in the Halo franchise and you can always have fun while using all of the weapons.The graphics in Halo are pretty good ever since the first game, Halo: Combat Evolved, and though they are kind of flashy and glossy, I still really like the graphics.

The enemies in Halo all have a very interesting backstory. For example, the Unggoy are the little, small annoying enemies in the game and for the main enemy faction, are the slaves that are treated very badly. All of the main enemies have their own home planet that they live on, and ties to the main enemies of the game, the Covenant. The enemies in the game vary in size and difficulty, like the grunts are the easiest enemies and the hunters are the hardest enemies in the game.

Most of the main characters in the game are called Spartans. Spartans are physically, and mentally enhanced humans that are injected and had many surgeries. The Spartan that all of the games are based off of is John 117 or the Master Chief. The characters in the game are very diverse in their opinions and have their own backstory like the Master Chief was kidnapped as a baby and one of the first Spartans ever created.

There are the reasons that I like the Halo franchise so much. If you have never played any of these games, I recommend that you play it, but it is only on Xbox and Pc and you can get the older games on Xbox one remastered for better graphics.