Getting an Xbox One for Christmas


Xbox One

Talan Tabares, Beat Reporter

Xbox one is a popular console that is competing with PlayStation and some other video game companies like Nintendo. The original maker of Xbox is Microsoft, and Microsoft has done many things to make Xbox’s community expand. They have some exclusive games that you cannot play on Playstation like Gears Of War and Halo. This is the same for PlayStation, and I am going to be talking about getting an Xbox One for Christmas and why I like Xbox so much.

Before Christmas, I was skeptical about the presents I was going to get because everybody was saying that I was going to get coal and nothing that I wanted. We prepared a great dinner with our family for Christmas and some relatives came over to celebrate with us. The night before Christmas, I was excited to see what I got because I knew that if my aunt and uncle got me nothing I wanted, my other relatives would. I knew that my aunt and uncle were playing with me though because they wouldn’t give me nothing for Christmas.

On Christmas day, I woke up and quickly got all of my chores done so that I could open presents with my family. When we started opening presents, I first got some clothes, cologne and a rc helicopter. Then I got a cool chair and candy. After that, I didn’t really get anything until everybody else opened their presents but then my parents pulled out a bag that simulates Santa’s bag. I was wondering what it was because it did not have a name on the bag. They told me it was for me and I immediately saw the box shape that was sagging the bag. I was so excited that I might finally get what I wanted for christmas. I opened it and got an Xbox One S with some video games just like I wanted. I was really excited and thanked Santa Claus and then went to go set it up.

I was setting up my Xbox One and downloading my games which was the most boring part of getting the Xbox. I played the games that I got for hours every day but now I am only allowed to play for one or unless its the weekend. I had to setup the Xbox to how I wanted it like the background theme. I had fun playing on my Xbox and I am still getting new games.

I still play my Xbox One S almost daily and almost always am having fun while playing it. Some of my favorite games are Halo, Gears of War, GTA 5, Fallout 4 and Battlefield 1. Some accessories I use are a gaming headset and a wireless controller charger.