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Fantastic Fantasy: Werewolves

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Twilight is a romance movie about a girl, a vampire, and a werewolf. This movie does have obvious flaws. It’s just a movie so it’s not going to have actual “facts”. This story will cover a lot of information on werewolves.

First off, you might need to know what a werewolf even is. Werewolves are mythical creatures that, in the day, take form of a human, but in the night turn into a wolf. Some people believe that they actually turn into human-looking wolves. There are a lot of mixed opinions, but the human-wolf is the most common belief in modern day society.

Mythology of werewolves started, and was popularized around the middle ages. Werewolves were mainly found in folk tales. People started to believe in them and so the tale began. The story about werewolves spread throughout Europe in the 16th century and peaked in the 17th century.

The legend about werewolves has been around ever since the 14th century. Coming from a story in the 1200’s about a man who had to turn into a wolf every week (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werewolf). In history when referring to transforming into a wolf, the word “Lycanthropy” comes up. The meaning of this word is the supernatural transformation of a person into a wolf, as recounted in folk tales.


Now that you know where the story of werewolves came from and what they are, you need to know some “facts” about them. First off, their diet. Werewolves mainly eat either other humans, or just what normal wolves eat (See https://emssound.net/835/uncategorized/wolves/ for more information).

Next, what powers do they gain? For one, the ability to turn into a wolf. Some cultures believe that they can turn into a wolf whenever. Others believe that it has to night, or that there has to be a full moon. Wolves have superhuman speed and are able to communicate with other wolves. This helps make a quick escape or makes it easier to execute someone.

I hope you are well educated on werewolves now. Just in case you forgot anything, here’s a brief overview. Werewolves are mythical creatures that are people in the day and wolves in the night. The legend started in the 14th century and spread throughout Europe in the 16th century. Werewolves eat humans or a normal wolf diet. Werewolves also are very fast and strong. What’s your opinion? Do you think werewolves are real?

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Fantastic Fantasy: Werewolves