Ethan’s Hobby Corner: Collecting


Hobby Highlight: Collecting!

There are many things you can collect. Really, you could collect anything that has quantity… which is most everything. I’m highlighting three things you can collect that I think are some of the most fun and affordable comparing to others.

#1 Knives

Collecting knives is a more hands-on hobby. I like collecting knives with the fact that you are collecting knives that can serve a good purpose in daily life, like self defense, whittling, and cutting precise cuts beyond the use of scissors. This hobby is moderately affordable, or expensive depending in your taste of knives. Some of the more expensive knives can go up to $500 in some cases, but a lot of knives are within the $50 range that are just as high quality.

#2 Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels are in most stores for about a dollar or less… so this hobby is very affordable for any penny-pinchers out there. Also this hobby usually requires a skill to resist taking out of the package. Some collections are so special to people that they held onto them for 50 years… pretty long for toy cars, and then sold the collection for $1,000.  A lot of the model cars were vintage and worth a lot also, in 50 years a lot of Hot Wheels must have been accumulated. This hobby rests well with me because it is easy to start up and affordable. Currently my collection is sitting at 19 cars and 1 of the star wars collectible ships.

#3 Audio Equipment

Probably the most expensive collection on the list, collecting audio can cost you thousands of dollars if you really get into it. It is a fun hobby. Don’t get me wrong, I love music. Also this hobby really demands your time my dad says that an installation takes about two hours to do but, when he is done he has the satisfaction of amazing sound quality! Another good aspect of this hobby is TV will never be the same with surround sound and a 24 bass under the couch (personal experience).


These are all fun to collect and 2 out of 3 of these hobbies are generally affordable but, all of these are fun! Like collecting and using your hard-earned knives, admiring the Hot Wheels you hung on your wall for all to see, and the satisfaction of being able to shatter glass with speakers (also personal experience). Anyways I hope you guys find these hobbies fun and interesting, as well as learning about any hobby you did not know about!


Links for starting collections:


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*ahem walmart