Why I like Xbox more than Playstation


Talan Tabares, Senior Reporter

The arguments about Playstation and Xbox are just like Trump supporters and people that do not like Trump. I personally like Xbox more than Playstation because I grew up with it, and have played it, and like all of the games on it. I can see why some people like Playstation more than Xbox for certain reasons. I am going to tell you why I like Xbox more than Playstation.


I grew up playing Halo 1 and Halo 2 on the original Xbox, and I would see how fast I could beat it. I really like the exclusive games that are only on Xbox like Halo ,and Gears of War. Gears of War was also a good reason why I like Xbox more than Playstation because I think that it is such a good game franchise, even though I have not played the newest one yet. I also really liked the Xbox 360 and all of the good memories I had playing the games that were on it.


Now I am going to tell you some statistical facts that are good about Xbox and then Playstation and am going to be doing small things and big things. The Xbox has more rear ports on the back of it than the Playstation so you can have more things plugged into it. The Xbox has more HDMI ports to plug in your kinect and other accessories.  The Xbox one has a feature called family sharing that allows you to share games with family or friends.


Now I am going to talk about Playstation statistical facts. Playstation has made more profits than Xbox from the past years because of the red ring of death that happened to xbox 360’s, so Playstation was able to make some cool features in its systems. Playstation has a VR(Virtual Reality) headset that you can use to play some games through a headset. In some video games on Playstation that can be played on Xbox, the graphics are better on Playstation then on Xbox.


There you have it, why I like Xbox more than Playstation and some statistical facts. I like Xbox more because I grew up with it and like the exclusive games though some Playstation games are better graphic wise than Xbox. If you like Playstation more than sorry because I have my own reasons to like Xbox.