BIG Question: What Are These Animal Related Sports?


Camel soccer! Source: YouTube

Lenia Crouch, Senior Editor

We all know the classic sports like, soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, etc. But there are actually some that are played with or by animals! This is a very interesting topic and I hope you enjoy!

#3 Camel Soccer


Camel soccer is where camels kick around soccer balls. There aren’t that many rules, but a lot of times the camels appear to be hugging the ball. The ball is larger than the standard soccer ball, as it is quite a bit larger. They tend to be inflated and are also squishy. This game is often played in a pin, on a dirt or sand floor. Go to this LINK for a video of camel soccer.

#2 Snail Racing

Source: CCTV News

The snail racing World Championships take place around July. 2017’s winner was a snail named Larry who covered a 13 inch coarse in 2 minutes 47 seconds. The object of the race is to see which snail can get to the finish line first. This is a slow and steady race, and definitely is an odd one. For a video of the 2017 snail racing World Championships, visit this LINK.

#1 Donkey Basketball

Source: Moorefield Examiner

Donkey basketball is a interpretation of the original game, played on a traditional court, but the players ride (or guide) donkeys! A lot of times this sport is used as a fundraiser by schools, and schools provide most of the equipment (except the donkeys that is). Lots of animal rights activists claim that this can harm the animals if they are harmed by inexperienced players. However, promoters counter that the animals are used under supervised conditions and that the donkeys are treated humanely. For a video of donkey basketball, visit this LINK.

There are some weird animal sports out there, but they definitely all bring some entertainment. These sports are really interesting to read about, and I hope you learned something new about these weird animal related sports!