BIG Question: What Are These Weird Fruits?



Lenia Crouch, Senior Editor

It’s almost summer, and that means fruit juice will soon be dripping down your face! We all know the classic fruits like watermelons, bananas, strawberries, and many more. But, there actually are many, many more exotic fruits that are really weird and not well known. I hope you enjoy learning about these weird looking fruits!  

#3 Miracle Fruit

Source: Wikipedia


Miracle fruit is from South Africa, and has the power to make sour fruits taste sweet. If you mix the juice of this berry with lemons or limes, you will have something delicious! This happens because the molecule mirculin has the ability to manipulate in a way so that we interpret sour things as sweet. Miracle fruits has the molecule mirculin, and this is awesome! Because of this power, Miracle fruits have been tried as a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners. This has also gained major popularity in diabetics and dieters.


#2 Soursop


Soursops can also be known as graviola or custard apple. This is a large, green fruit with sweet and sour tasting flesh. This is native to Central America and the Caribbean Islands. Soursop is often used as a base for many beverages like ice creams, and other sweet treats in South America. Soursop has recently gained popularity with herbal practitioners who recommend the fruit and it’s leaves for relief of various ailments.


#1 Rambutan


Rabut is Malay for hair, and based on the picture you can tell why. This fruit is native to tropical Southeast Asia and is very closely related to lychees. The tender fruit inside of a rambutan is described oftenly as sweet and sour, kind of like a grape. Rambutans are delicious treats with tons of vitamin c and antioxidants. This is easy to find in Asia, but in the United States you’ll need some luck to find this in an Asian Grocery store.


There are some very weird fruits out there, but many of them are also very interesting. Personally, I would like to try miracle fruit the most. What about you? I hope you enjoyed learning all about these weird looking fruits. For more fascinating fruits visit this link, LINK.