BIG Question: Why Do Different People Have Different Hair Textures?

BIG Question: Why Do Different People Have Different Hair Textures?

Lenia Crouch, Chief Editor

Have you ever noticed how different people have different hair textures?  Thick or thin, straight or curly, soft or rough, and lots of different colors.  Have you ever wondered why? Today, I am going to be answering this question. This has a very interesting answer, and I hope you enjoy learning about this topic!

Now, let’s converse about why different people have different textures. First, there is genetics. Obviously, if your parents have a certain type of hair, then you have an extremely high chance of getting that same kind of hair. Another part of it is the type of hair follicles you have. As you can see in the picture, the different size and how it is positioned also determines your hair type. The final main factor is the climate you live in. If you or your ancestors lived in Africa, then the texture of your hair will probably be because of the heat there. In Africa, there is almost constant heat, and the air is often dry as well. There are many more tiny details, but these are main reasons that are the easiest to understand.

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I hope you learned something about why there are different hair textures. This was very interesting, and I think that you should also consider checking out those hair salons. Thanks for reading! 🙂