Do Women Need Pockets?



Lenia Crouch, Senior Editor

Have you ever noticed that men have huge pockets, but women have none or super tiny ones? This is one of the many disturbances that affect women every single day. Women can develop lots of problems, and this all has one simple solution.

First of all, women tend to lose things because of all the other pressures put on us. We have to care for children in public, look good (including heels and such), and we often have other things on our mind. We tend to carry purses, which are a form of storage, but we can lose things easily in them. They are cluttered and not a very good storage idea.

Secondly, because we don’t have pockets, we carry them in our waistbands or bras. This can eventually result in cancer. If you carry your phone in one of those places consistently, then you can get radiation. This might cause certain kinds of cancer, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and brain cancer. This theory of cancer has been tested on rats, which developed a rare kind on cancer in the head. This can cause death or other serious injuries.

Finally, adding pockets to womens clothing isn’t that hard. First of all, it is really cheap and easy to add. They barely take any fabric at all. Also, these are not difficult to make. With a little practice these could easily be added to clothing, without looking unordinary. Honestly, this is incredibly stupid, and I really believe that Americans can improvise at least a little here. Come on man!

Honesty, American women need pockets. They would definitely use them. Also, these are extremely easy to add into pants. This could also make the cancer rate go down. I hope you enjoyed reading about why American women need pockets. Why don’t you try to talk about this and make a difference yourself! Pockets for women!