Throw a Beat Into Our Community: Free Family Fun

Sydney Douglas, Senior Reporter

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Summer is just around the corner, and that means Live in the Lot will start in July!  This is where family and friends can come and listen to free music. There’s music, drinks, and food to spend the summer nights here in Emporia, Kansas.  After reading this story, you will know what Live in the Lot is and what other people think over this event.


Starting in July, every Friday night there will be local bands and artists coming to Emporia, Kansas.  There is no fee to get into Live in the Lot. This event is held by the Flint Hills Music Store, but is put together by Thomas Silkman (owner of the business) .  If you want food and drink, there will be a price, same with the face painting. People attending this event should bring their own chairs or blankets to sit on because, no seating is provided.  Live in the Lot usually lasts until sometime around 10 pm to 10:30 pm. So, if you have never been to a live concert, this would be a great place to start!


I had the chance to interview two people for this story.  The first person I have interviewed was Reagan Thompson, who is a 5th grader.  The first question I asked her was, simply do you enjoy going to Live in the Lot and why? Reagan said, “Yes I do because it gives me something to do during the summer”.  After that, I asked her what is your favorite part about going to Live in the Lot? “Well I really like getting to spend time with my family and friends”. The last question I asked was, if you could change one thing about the event what would it be? “Live in the Lot used to be in a parking lot, but now it is in the middle of a street, so I’d change it back to the parking lot”.  Reagan has been to Live in the Lot about 10 times, and has been going for about two years.


The next and last person I interview was Lucy Knapp she is a 7th grader at the Emporia Middle School.  The very first question I asked was, do you like going to Live in the Lot and why? Lucy said, “The one night that I went to was really fun, I love that it’s at night so it’s not so hot and it helps promote young artists”.  Next I asked her what her favorite and least favorite part of the event is and why. “Um, probably the fact that it is free music that anyone can come and listen to, I don’t really have a least favorite part of Live in the Lot”.  Lucy has been to Live in the Lot only once and just started going last year.


This year Live in the Lot will be every Friday night in July.  Go to Live in the Lot this summer and help support starting bands!  If you are planning on going this year remember to bring a lawn chair or a blanket to sit on because no seating is provided.  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer break!