A Peek Into Nolan Heitman’s Life


Nolan Heitman, a 7th grader, here at EMS

Jasmine Grundleger, Contributor

I had the opportunity to interview Nolan Heitman, a 7th grader, to get to know him better. His likes and dislikes are very unique and one of a kind.


Nolan a 7th-grade student, who has been given the opportunity to take World Studies, a class taught by Mr. Hawley. He seems to really enjoy the class, but when I asked him what he would change about the school, his decision was very positive and something most students wouldn’t even think about changing. “I would change,” after pausing he said, “I would make more opportunities, to take World Studies.”

After asking about things that annoy him, I discovered that Nolan finds “Getting to know you activities,” and boring classes annoying. Some of the questions on activities are redundant. “They’re fine, except when they’re asked over and over again, then it gets annoying. Also, he finds some of the classes not to match his interests “…I regret taking some electives.”

Nolan’s Beats

A fun fact about Nolan is that he likes listening to hard rock. One of his favorite bands is Metallica, this band has earned several Grammy’s and numerous nominations. A couple of his favorite songs from the band are, “Hit The Lights” and “Sad But True.” One song he mentioned that he also enjoyed listening to was “Lithium” by the band Nirvana.

The Type of Person Nolan Is

An interesting hobby Nolan enjoys, is fishing. Nolan plays football. Fortunately, he hasn’t had any serious injuries. The only injury he can remember is having a concussion.

There are two main different types of people, introverts and extroverts. Nolan identifies as an Introvert. He says that he isn’t great around new people and those he doesn’t know well.  When I asked a friend of his if Nolan was more lively with people he is close with, Jacob Simons said, “Yeah.” There are people who love winter, and people who love summer. But Nolan likes the season that comes in between, spring. The season of green grass, rain, and flowers. He says “It’s like summer, but not as hot.”

Nolan’s Insight On Food

Nolan very much dislikes asparagus, saying he hates the taste of it. Even though he may not like these salty foods, he really likes red starburst. But there are some food that he can’t have, like most chocolate peanuts or nuts in general, or anything that comes from a factory that uses peanut oil. 

Nolan, a 7th grader taking World Studies, who likes hard rock, red starbursts, fishing, and spring. Being able to interview him was more interesting than not. Not only that, he was a good interviewee, I hope that by reading this you were able to get a peek into Nolan’s life.