Tucker Hill’s story


7th Grader Tucker Hill from Emporia Middle School

Calvin Seeley , Contributor

I will be interviewing  Tucker Hill today because of his personality and thoughts on everyday life.  Tucker plays football and has multiple classes with me. This should be an interesting interview.


Calvin: I asked Tucker if he has any pets 

Tucker:I do have an English bulldog that is really cute.

Calvin: I asked if he plays any sports

Tucker: I play football my positions are linebacker and right guard

Calvin: What’s your favorite thing about football

Tucker: Just tackling and hitting people

Calvin: I asked who is his favorite professional sports team is

Tucker: I like the Minnesota Vikings, my dad liked them so I started to like the team too.  

Calvin: How long did you live in Minnesota for

Tucker: I lived there for about 3 months

Calvin: Why did you come here

Tucker: My mom got a job here and also my family lives here

Calvin: I asked Tucker if he plays video games

Tucker:  My favorite video game is Rainbow Six Siege.

Calvin: I asked him one last time if he had any siblings

Tucker: I have an older sister who is a sophomore and her name is Katie.

Calvin: How much older is your sister than you

Tucker: She is 3 years older than me

Calvin: Do you go hunting at all

Tucker: Yes I’ve been with my uncle and dad


Tucker really likes to do activities with his family and loves sports. He really likes the Minnesota Vikings because he is from that area and his dad helped him get into that. Thank you for reading my story about Tucker Hill today.