My Interview with Kyler Marcotte

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My Interview with Kyler Marcotte

Kyler Marcotte, 7th Grader at Emporia Middle School.

Kyler Marcotte, 7th Grader at Emporia Middle School.

Kyler Marcotte, 7th Grader at Emporia Middle School.

Kyler Marcotte, 7th Grader at Emporia Middle School.

Jacob Leyva, Contributor

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I wanted to interview Kyler to learn more about him and what he likes. I also wanted to get to understand my classmates as well. Interviewing Kyler was an interesting experience and I learned a lot about him.


What do you like about school?

“I really like the aspect of being able to learn. It makes it so much easier to advance and get a job. Back in the old days, you had to work a lot harder, but with all the modern stuff we have now, it’s really helping.”


What do you like to do outside of school?

“I’m on a football team, so I usually go and practice after school, and after that I usually just go home and play video games.”


What is your favorite class?

“I would have to say World Studies, because it focuses on writing and journalism which I really like.


Do you play sports?

“Yes, I play football. I also used to play soccer and baseball.”


Do you have any siblings?

“Yes, I have a little sister  who is seven.”


What is your favorite hobby?

“My favorite hobby would have to be hunting. Sometimes I go to my grandpa’s house in the country and bring my hunting bow, and we’ll just go in the woods.


Have you ever eaten an animal you’ve caught?

“Yes, one time. We caught a really big bass in my grandpa’s pond.”


What is your favorite food?

“It would have to be sushi. I really like raw fish.”


What’s your favorite restaurant?

“My favorite restaurant would be HuHot, in Topeka.”


What’s your favorite dessert?

“My favorite dessert would be ice cream.”


What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

“My favorite flavor has to be caramel.”


What’s your favorite movie?

“My favorite movie is Ready Player One, by Steven Spielberg, I just like the Sci-Fi to it.”


Do you have any pets?

“Yes, I have two gerbils, named Salt and Pepper. I also have a cat, named Cai, and a black labrador named Onix.”


How many family members do you have?

“Maybe seventeen. I have a lot of cousins, and then I have a lot of uncles and aunts.


What is your dream vacation?

“Going to Colorado, because we were supposed to go on a vacation before, but we had plans that kind of got in the way.”


What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I want to be a mechanical engineer. Dismantling, and then rebuilding, I really like that.”


What is your favorite video game?

“My favorite video game would be Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I really like the Egyptian style to it, the new game modes, and the new attacking system.”


Do you have any other favorites?

“I really like Rainbow Six: Siege, Call of Duty: WWII, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. ”


I really enjoyed interviewing Kyler. I learned a lot about him and what he likes, among other things. I found it interesting that he would like to go to Colorado.