Ball In The House: A Performance To Remember


Mckinsey West, Jr. Reporter

On Wednesday March 7th, 2018, we had a very unique group of entertainers came to our ESU Albert Taylor Hall and our middle school gym here at EMS. They are a group with a variety of  backstories and races. This group, Ball In The House, is a little different from most musical group. They are an acapella group (a type of music without instruments). In other words, they use only their mouths.

Ball In The House performs covers of songs that they enjoy. They played songs by various artists and genres; from gospel to jazz. A majority of people say that “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child was their favorite song that they performed.  Kaylee Lane’s reason for having that song as their favorite is for this reason “I just wanted to get up and dance!”

Speaking of wanting to get up and dance, let’s say something about the mood they brought to Albert Taylor Hall. “It was really exciting. It made me feel like I could do anything” one student said. “[They made me feel] super energetic and happy” said another. “Impressed” one of the students even said. Altogether there were more responses, but they were all “happy” and “energetic”.

A lot of students would love to see Ball In The House again. When asked if they would want to see Ball In The House again one student’s response was “Heck yeah.”. Lots of students had the same response. And when asked if they would recommend others to see them if they came to Emporia again there responses were “Yes”.

With that, Ball In The House is a group that brings their A-game to all the performances they do. They know how to make us feel things when they sing, and they know what makes us just “want to get up and dance”. And with so many people, including myself, saying that they would recommend Ball In The House if they came here again, you should definitely buy a ticket.