This is my Trek Marlin 5

Braden Ary, Contributor

Have you ever wondered if there’s a bike with a motor?  Were you wondering what the difference was between a Mountain bike and a Street bike?  Were you wondering what shocks are?  Were you wondering if what the different trails are that you can ride on?  If you had any of these questions keep reading to find out.


Some of the bikes different types are Mountain, Street, and Hybrid.  A mountain bike is a bike that is usually more “beefy” with anywhere from 3″ to 5″ tires because it’s made for more harsh conditions.  A street bike is usually less “beefy” and has 1″ to 2″ tires compared to a mountain bike because it’s made to ride the streets and some dirt roads depending on the bike.  A Hybrid is a cross between mountain and street so it has 2″ to 3″ tires and usually has Shocks that “lock” (can stay still).


The types of bike motors are electric and pedal assist.  The electric motors have a throttle on the handlebars. A pedal Assist motor is a motor that kicks into gear when you start to pedal, it has different stages/speeds that you can put it on.  The bike I like the most is the pedal assist, because you can change the stage/speed of the bike and you go up a hill like nothing.   I have never ridden one of the electric bikes because I haven’t ever had the chance to.


Some of the trails are mountain and motocross.  The mountain trails are usually in the mountains or are on a big hill and have been carved and then just ridden so much that there are trails that stand out enough from former riders to follow them the whole way down the mountain/hill.  Motocross tracks also have dirt bike races and tournaments on the track.


If you liked this story you might be interested in taking spring P.E., because High Gear (the bike store downtown) generously loans the school bikes for a week. They do this so the students of EMS can ride around the walking and biking trail right beside EMS.  Biking is a good physical activity.  Hope to see you riding.