Off Brand Doritos V.S Doritos

Seoul Bishoff, Junior Reporter

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Have you ever wondered if off-brands actually taste different than name-brands? Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to do a review over name brand Doritos v.s off-brand Doritos!


After taking a short trip to Dillon’s we came home and got the samples ready! I got Kroger’s Nacho Cheese Chips (off-brand), and Doritos Nacho Cheese (name-brand). I took a bite of the Kroger’s chips first, they tasted very unevenly seasoned and partially burnt. The strange thing is they had a very familiar taste even though I have never had that brand of chips. On the other hand, Doritos Nacho Cheese tasted very cheesy I absolutely loved them! Unlike the Kroger’s brand, they weren’t burnt and were thoroughly seasoned.


As I processed the texture of the off-brand chips I realized they had about the same texture as regular Doritos, crunchy and slightly crisped, that was the one part I enjoyed. Since they were so uneven, they were very rigidity and I disliked that. But the Doritos were very evenly seasoned and that leads to great texture, but the Doritos had little air pockets from when they were being fried and that gives it that crunchy texture I believe that Kroger chips are baked. So that sort of throws off the texture.


The Kroger chips appeared to look a lot lighter and a lot thinner than the name-brand Doritos, and once again very unevenly seasoned so they were thick in some spots and thin in others. I didn’t like them at all! The Doritos though were evenly spread with seasoning and looked very appealing and orange!


Overall if you’re torn between name-brand and off-brand chips, unless you like burnt, flat, unevenly seasoned chips; and if you do hey I won’t judge that’s your thing! You should buy Doritos, they are a bit more expensive but it’s totally worth it!