Love Yourself: Answer Review

Love Yourself: Answer, the final piece to the Love Yourself series by BTS

Love Yourself: Answer, the final piece to the Love Yourself series by BTS

Jasmine Grundleger, Reporter

On August 24, 2018, Love Yourself: Answer, was released as the last album in the Love Yourself series by BTS, a South Korean boy band that consists of 7 members. This album has been extremely popular since it’s release, and out of all of BTS’ albums this one has sold over 2 million copies.

Interesting Points in the Album

BTS’s 13th album consists of songs that each member composed and sang by themselves, and 9 songs that they sing as a group giving the album 16 songs in total. In this album, the songs written by the three members of the rap line decided on not rapping and sang the songs they wrote. The fact that they chose to sing is an aspect that I extremely admire. One detail of this album that excited many worldwide, was the iconic Idol music video (MV) that reached 56.2 million views within the first 24 hours. Although the interesting visuals and choreography that can be appealing to the eye, the lyrics are even more intriguing when you look into them. With this song BTS has found yet another way to reach out to haters everywhere and let them know that they (BTS) will never stop loving themselves and will be proud of who they are and what they’ve done.

Ear Catching Songs

Two songs from the album that I found really interesting were Trivia: Seesaw, and I’m Fine. These songs were extremely enjoyable to listen to, even though each song has a different mood to them yet they relate to the topic of separation of a romantic couple. Trivia: Seesaw, was written by Suga (Min Yoongi of the rap line). In this song, a seesaw is a representation of the love between two partners, and how it may be fun for a while, but it’s boring if no one is contributing to the relationship and how miserable and emotionally exhausting it becomes. Eventually, the couple becomes tired/bored of each other and the thought of separating has come into view. I’m Fine (group song) however, is the partner song to Save Me. I’m Fine is about how they (the singer) is now fine without their former partner. It’s interesting how it’s the exact opposite of Save Me. This song talks how they (the singer/group) need their partner to be happy. While in I’m Fine, after thinking things through, they are just fine without the love of the other and just loving themselves.

The Unfortunate side of Love Yourself: Answer

One factor that I wish was added into this album were if the roles if the members were switched. I think that since the rap line wrote songs and sang them, the vocal line should try rapping in theirs. I think that if that were added into Love Yourself: Answer it would create a very interesting experience for not only the audience, but also for BTS and possibly give them new opportunities as well. It would also give V (Kim Taehyung of the vocal line) the chance to rap since it has been something he’s wanted to try. Something that I found slightly disappointing is that several songs were put in from previous albums. I think that it was an interesting choice to throw them in; but personally it’s not a decision I would make. Fans most likely would want newer content, when listening to an album you don’t want to have to skip old songs in order to get to the newer ones.

Overall, I think that Love Yourself: Answer is an amazing album with great songs, but also a great way to wrap up the Love Yourself series. Even if there are some that I, and many others, were already familiar with. In my opinion, there were many great aspects of this album like the variety of different moods in each song, but also the way it inspires an audience to start loving themselves.