A 7th Grader in Japan


Japan has a beautiful environment and is very nice

Calvin Seeley , Senior Reporter

Dear Calvin,


Have you ever wondered what life in Japan as a seventh grader is? What the one thing you’ve always wondered about it? Japan in one of the most populated countries ranking at number 11 in 2018. Now let’s get right into this story.


Almost everywhere every day in Japan theres are over hundreds to millions people walking the streets of Japan. There are tall skyliners and big factories all over the place in Japan. The roads are always jammed with hundred thousands of cars,buses, and semi all around you. You see restaurants packed with about 50 people in each restaurant there all wanting food after long couple hours of work.


Every day at 12 to 2 pm it’s rush hour and everybody knows it is lunch time. Japan hold’s 127,185,322 people and can you imagine that many people each day traveling throughout the city for almost 2 hours. There are 474,048 is the number of restaurants and cafeterias in Japan. It is the country in the world with the highest density of restaurants and cafeterias in the world with one restaurant for 266 people.


The number one attractions in Japan is Kyoto. Kyoto is full of tourist attractions. Fushimi Inari Taisha has been fascinating visitors the most. The gorgeous sight of numerous gates is definitely worth visiting in your life-time. Every night there are thousands of different lights and shows on building when you walk through the streets of Japan.


Have you ever been to Japan? What was you favorite part about Japan? Do you want to go to Japan someday and look at tourist attractions and more? Hope you can come and stay with me someday.