Why Schoolwork Should Be Done At Home


Kyler Marcotte, Reporter

Don’t you always feel bored doing assignments at school?  Well, you’re not alone. School work should mostly be done at home. Home is a better learning environment.  Also, it teaches students responsibility.  Finally, students can spend class time learning new things as opposed to practicing skills they know.

First off, it teaches the students responsibility. Kids nowadays don’t have to do anything, but having to work at home would teach them how to use their time wisely and getting work done. Patricia Green wrote, “There is ample time in school to receive the lecture from the teacher, and then do the assignment”. This means kids always had enough time to do there work, they should not need all their class time to be taken up by an assignment.

Second of all, it’s pretty great not having all the time spent doing an assignment in class because if you’re able to do the work at home then it will be a more friendly and welcoming environment, I know this because I’m a student myself. I found this website called Debate.org and it has some pretty good arguments like this one “If you do homework at home then you feel more comfortable and happy, and this will lead the students to be more efficient with their time”. This means kids will have a better time doing the assignment at home than at school and it will help school not become such a drag to most kids.


Third of all, assignments aren’t always necessary at school. I think if the teacher spends more time trying to teach the kids the subject instead of Having the students do an assignment all day. Debate.org also brings up an argument that helps Assignments are given for extra understanding of the topic. But doing assignments in schools wastes the precious time that has been allotted for learning.” This means that the kids can learn a lot more if the teacher spends more time teaching the subject. With the more time they spend learning the subject, the better their grades might be and they will do better on those assignments. 

Finally, I think that schools can do better if they let students do assignments at home because it will make a happier learning environment, Teach them responsibility, and give teachers the chance to teach the subject more. My main reason for writing this is that I saw a page on the internet about schools in Sweden and saw how much better their education was and wanted to know why, you can check it out here Swedish Schools VS American schools. In conclusion, I think that school work should be done at home.