Is TV Bad For Your Health?


Someone watching TV

Charlie Seimears, reporter

Is television bad for anyone’s health? Yes, yes it is. Today I am here to inform you about the fact that television is bad for kids and they should only watch it for a little amount of time.

TV shows could sometimes be violent and have a bad influence on young children. According to Stanford Children, TV is violent and creates bad behavior.  According to the text, “TV programs can show children violent behavior that you do not want them to imitate, or that can cause fear” (Stanford University). This means that you should limit what your kids watch and limit the channels because they could repeat a bad word or do something that occurs on a TV show.

If you watch too much TV then it could be bad for your health. According to Kids Health, TV can take away time for activities and sports. According to the text, “… too much screen time can take away from other activities, such as sleeping, exercising, playing with friends, and doing homework, studies have shown that kids who watch too much TV are more likely to be overweight” (Pearl). This means that if you watch too much TV It could lead to serious consequences. Your kids and you should stay active so you and the kid don’t get obese.

Did you know that TV can rot your brain and it can be bad for you? According to scientificamerican,”…TV will rot your brain, you may even find yourself repeating the threat when you see young eyes glued to the tube instead of exploring the real world” (Fields). This means that People should watch TV every once and awhile not all the time because it can rot your brain and it is bad for you.

In conclusion, kids and adults should not watch TV. It is very bad for your health if you watch too much of it. Limit your TV time. Also, TV should be a treat every once and awhile. To make a plan on how to manage your TV time go here: