Mass games

Mass Games in North Korea

Mass Games in North Korea

Lacey Rust, Reporter

Dear Hailey,

Colorful flags moving about, hundreds of people performing in front of us. Near jumping out of your seat with excitement. Hundreds of synchronized dancers in front of your eyes.


My name is Min-seo. The mass games are a fun time in North Korea they are held at the Rungrado May Day Stadium it is the largest stadium in the world! Mass games is a giant synchronized gymnastics show, but we did not have it for a few year for no reason at all.


This year it is going to happen! It will be my first time going, I will be helping with the “Jumbo-tron” I will be flipping the pages for my country. I will be in the Mass Games! We have been training for 8 months! My leader says, “Important in training the schoolchildren to be fully developed communist people.” We will be after this performance.


As we flipped the pages I peeked through to see the dancers they were gracefully gliding about in perfect unison. The flags looked like the ocean of many colors, the perfect dancers seemed almost fake at the same time they leaped, twirled, and stepped. The perfect performance came to an end. I am looking forward to next year I saw many foreign faces looking amazed at the dancers they were called “tourists”.


Mass games are a big performance big performance in Pyongyang, North Korea where dancers and gymnasts perform in sync rinsed performances.


Your Friend,