Ati-Aithan Festival

What people would wear to the Ati-Aithan

What people would wear to the Ati-Aithan

Devin Mohling, Reporter

Dear the American kid reading this
I’m writing you this letter to inform you about the Ati-Atihan Festival we celebrate here in the Philippines. This festival is held annually in January to celebrate Santo Niño (Infant Jesus) in Kalibo.The festival is called The Mother of All Filipino Festivals.

The Ati-Atihan Festival lasts for 2 weeks and ends on the third sunday of the month. In those two weeks you will eat all kinds of different foods. Some of the foods might be Grilled fish,Liempo,Lechon,grilled bangus. We eat with our hands and no silverware.

The main instruments used in the Ati-Atihan festival are Snare drums, triples, bass drums, trumpet, cacophony, xylophones, lyre, and gongs. The music we listen to is full of emotion and it easy on the ears and not too loud. The music in it is cultural and is passed down in some families. Also with the music a bunch of people dance to it.

The last things is what kind of things people wear. The people in the Ati-Atihan festival wear all kinds of light clothes and they are way different from what you guys would wear to a festival. We wear feathery clothes and long necklaces, also with face paint. With our clothes we will detail stories. Some of the stories are of creatures or our ancestors.