Sights to See in Tokyo


this is a picture of Tokyo, Japan.

Ridley Richardson , Contributor

Dear Ridley,

Japan is nice I ever so happen to live in Tokyo. Its really cool here all the lights at night are beautiful and the food is stupendous. Anyway here are some places you need to see.


We have a cherry blossom festival when we celebrate the  important custom and are held all over Japan during the spring. That said, do not expect to see the flowers wherever you go, the trees bloom at different times throughout Japan. It is very beautiful to see.


The Tokyo tower is like a really big radio tower Tokyo’s biggest tower so in a zombie apocalypse it’ll help XD. But for real it huge like 332.9 meters (1092.1916 ft) high and was made in June 1957.


The Tokyo National Museum, or TNM, established in 1872, is the oldest Japanese national museum, the largest art museum in Japan and one of the largest art museums in the world. The museum collects, houses, and preserves a comprehensive collection of art works and archaeological objects of Asia, focusing on Japan. It has had 2,180,000 visitors in 2017 alone.


Anyway that’s all I care to share about so bye Ridley.