What was The Hitler Youth?

This picture is some young boys with Hitler

This picture is some young boys with Hitler

Calvin Seeley , Senior Reporter

The Hitler Youth was a Program with child soldiers like in Africa and other countries such as Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, and etc. Child soldiers are the worst inventions of war ever in the history of this world. Sadly, possibly many of these kids who ever joined the Youth Program were killed in action and nobody ever could tell their stories.


Some people ask what  the Hitler Youth program was. At the beginning, when the Nazi’s came to power, over 2,300,000 kids joined the Hitler Youth Program. Well, this horrific program was all about male youth cutting redundant from 14-18 years old. There was also a group for girls known as  the League of German Girls. Hitler pretty much trained all these kids military style because they were in desperate need of new fresh young soldiers on the front lines.


When the kids joined they would sometimes spy on other people, listening for anyone who ever talked smack on Hitler. Sometimes kids would report people just because they didn’t like them.  The people they reported would either be executed or put behind bars. Before the war happened, they were just normal kids who were taught leadership and physical fitness through outdoor activities.  But then, in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland they trained them to be a fighting machine.


Although lots of them died, some survived. At one battle of the Havel River over 4,500 to 5,000 boys were either wounded or killed. Then, when Hitler finally committed suicide they were taken to see him before they were sent back into their fox holes/bunkers or the streets of fighting. The Hitler Youth went extinct on October 10, 1945 when the Allied Control Council shut the program down.


Imagine if everybody who is going to EMS and EHS were born in Nazi Germany. We would all be training in the Hitler Youth. Millions of people died in World War 2 and some were these kids. Just compare your normal life to what life was like for the Hitler Youth after they joined it. I feel very lucky that I live in a peaceful world.