Interview With Dustin


Dustin Dobson

Alli Hess, Contributor

  Have you ever sat next to someone in a doctor’s office, on the bus, or in a classroom wondering what’s their story? Most likely, all of us have thought about this. Dustin enjoys playing Fortnite, wrestling, and talking about cars, but here’s a closer look into his life.

 Dustin was born on January 12th, 2007. One of his favorite childhood memories is playing catch with his dad and spending time laughing with his dad. 

  Dustin enjoys spending time with family which includes his mom who works for Birch, Dad who works for Simmons and 3 siblings Wyatt, Laney, and Frost. 

  His hobbies include playing Minecraft, Fortnite, running, hanging out with friends, wrestling and football. He wrestles for the kids club and is a running back and wide receiver for our middle school football team.

  Dustin has traveled to many states including Colorado, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. His favorite state he has traveled to is Colorado. Dustin’s favorite thing about colorado is that he has many memories there because he has been there many times. It’s his favorite place to be.

 Now that you have a closer look into Dustin’s life, maybe you’d like to try some of Dustin’s favorite hobbies such as football and wrestling. Next time that you sit on the bus or are in class take the opportunity to ask someone whats your story I know I am glad I did.