Ethan Hoffman Interview


Emporia Middle School seventh-grader: Ethan

Katie Acevedo, Contributor

Have you ever wondered what other people like or are interested in? I learned exactly that from Ethan. Ethan is a seventh-grader that I got the chance to interview. He has very interesting likes and dislikes.



Ethan has many pets like Ringo the snake, Bosco the dog, and Rose, one of his seven cats. He said his other cat was named Whoops because her mother bit off her tail probably thinking that they were the umbilical cords. Also, his snake was named Ringo because it had an orange ring around its neck. Also, their dog was named Bosco because he looked like a Bosco stick in away. 

Ethan said his cat Doodle is his favorite cat. He chose Doodle because he would always cuddle with everyone. He also said that if he were to get a new pet it would be a brown Bengal cat with amber eyes and he would call her Cocoa. He had read a book called The Cat Who, and he got the idea for the name from there.




Ethan’s favorite memory from school is whenever he gets to comes back from summer break and see his friends again. He has of mix of things he can do when he has free time at school. He will either draw, read, or other things. Ethan describes himself as a creative and good at constructing anything with his dad. He said that the people at his elementary also described him as that. At school, Ethan would rate it as an eight because he hasn’t gotten in trouble yet.


Movies, Books, and More

Ethan says his favorite series of books is Wings of Fire and Warriors, which is a cat series. His favorite book out of The Wings of Fire series is Legends DarkStalker. Ethan says he doesn’t have a favorite movie, but if he did it would be Avengers Infinity War or Avengers Endgame. Alexander is the name he would change to if he could because it is his middle name and it is the name of Alexander the Great who had to do with the Spartans in history. One object that is very important to him is his stuffed cat. His stuffed cat was sewn by his grandma, which is important to him because she has passed away.

Did you know Ethan likes to stargaze when he is not enjoying the summer breeze? He enjoys to see nature and its beauty. Ethan also looks up to his family because they keep him going. He also said he would time travel to his three-year-old self because his parents said he was chubby, and he wanted to see for himself. For his free time at home, Ethan will build this bridge for swimming, and so he can cross over the river when it is flooding.



Ethan was a marvelous interviewee. I learned about his pets, interests, and likes. Interviewing him was very fascinating. I would like to give thanks to Ethan for giving me his time to interview him.