Inside Rose’s Mind


This is Rose.

Caroline Harrison, Contributor

Have you ever wonder what is going through a middle schooler’s mind? I got to interview a classmate of mine. I got to find out what’s going through a growing mind. Let’s go see what I found out.

Caroline: Let’s start with the first question: What is your favorite essential oil and why?

 Rose:   I like lavender because it makes my dogs really hyper and tired. And if we are hyper and have to fall asleep it will help us.

 Caroline: Nice. I can see that. Dogs are crazy. Why did you get your piercings?

 Rose:  My mom and dad had sized up their ears and so did my sister and I kind of like how it looks so I started doing it.

 Caroline:  Awesome. If you could go anywhere in the world and it’s paid for, the entire trip, where would it be?

 Rose:   I wouldn’t go very far. Like Illinois, it’s two hours away because it has animals and it’s cold. I like the cold more. And my grandma and grandpa live there.

 Caroline:  Awesome. What’s your favorite memory from your childhood?

 Rose:  Going hand fishing with my Dad. We don’t do it anymore because he was in a car accident.

 Caroline:  I’m sorry. How do you think you can change the world and why do you think that?

 Rose: Maybe using more natural things and not polluting it.

 Caroline:  What’s going on in your mind lately and why?

 Rose: If I am going to get mostly A’s this year or F’s because that what my siblings get.

 Caroline: I bet you will get mostly A’s because your not your sibling.

 Rose: I doubt that but OK.

 Caroline: I know you will. What’s your favorite kind of color to wear?

 Rose: Purple. It’s been my favorite for as long as my mom can even remember.

 Caroline: Awesome. If you were deserted on an island who would you bring with you?

 Rose: I would bring my mom. She makes me comfortable. I can’t really fall asleep without her.

 Caroline: Great. What’s your favorite subject and why?

 Rose: Math because I just think it’s interesting. I’m not very good at it though. 

Caroline:  I bet you’re amazing at it. Where is your favorite place in the world or out of this world?

 Rose: I think maybe Arizona because it’s hot there but you get to swim all the time and I have good memories of my grandma and grandpa there.

Caroline: Awesome. Would you want to get more animals? What would they be and why?

 Rose: I would because we gave away two kittens yesterday and it would just be any animal.

 Caroline:  You’re just an animal lover.

 Rose:  Yes

 Caroline:  All right, what are your favorite hobbies and why did you start doing your hobbies?

 Rose: I like to cook and I don’t know what else.

 Caroline : You just like the cook?  

 Rose: Yes.

Caroline: What’s your favorite family memory?

 Rose: Well, I don’t exactly have a memory for my entire family. Maybe around Christmas, it’s the only time my family is actually together.

 Caroline:  So Christmas? What’s your favorite kind of food and why is it your favorite?

 Rose: Spaghetti, it’s kind of easy to make and it just tastes good.

 Caroline:  Yes it really does. Is there anything else that you want to share?

 Rose: No.

 Caroline: Nothing? Then I guess we’re done. You are a great interview.

I really liked learning about what’s in another girl’s mind. I really liked learning about her. She is amazing. She might have low confidence but she is very well-spoken. Thank you, Rose, for being an outstanding interview.