Addi Skiles interveiw


This is Addi with a beautiful smile

Gabriella Rivera, Contributor

Addi is 12 and just entered the 7th grade at EMS. I had a wonderful opportunity to interview her. She loves her pets, animals in general, and her family. Here is a closer look into her life

Q- Tell me a little bit about your pets

A- Susan, I  got her two years ago and she is a black lab, Wade is a German shepherd and we got him a couple of months ago, Winston is a really fat cat and I got him 2 years ago, and Little Cat we got her a year ago, Dasiy May and Butter Cup I got them for my birthday 2 years ago, Millie and Pepper are black labs and I  got them a couple of months ago and my fishes name is Casper he is my favorite fish.

Q- Where was your inspiration to cut your hair and when did you start liking it

A- My friend Katie really wanted the hairstyle but her mom wouldn’t let her and my friend recently passed away from cancer and it’s just easier to take care of.

Q- What does a girl mean to you and why

A- I don’t know it just means being a girl

Q-what is your favorite memory with your family and why

A- My favorite memory is when my mom made this broccoli soup and but with this cheese it wasn’t really cheese it was vegan cheese it was really gross and we had to tell her without making her upset

Q- What are some of your favorite hobbies and when did you start liking them

A- Volleyball because it’s fun and I think I’m good at it, teaching my  pet cat how to go on walks with me, and being with my pets

Q- What rule would you add it school if you could and which rule do you dislike the most and why

A- I would add that the gym teachers had to run the mile with the students and the rule I dislike the most is assigned seating and no electronics

Q- What is your dream job and college and why

A- I would be a veterinarian to help animals and my dream college is K-State because it has the best veterinary services.

Q- If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

A- I would stay here because all my friends are here but I would ship my brothers off.

Q- What classes would you suggest to people and why

A- Definitely  Mr.Hawley’s class because he is super fun

Q- What is your biggest fear?

A- Wasp going down my shirt because they can sting you 50 times without dying.

Thank you for listening to this interview. I hope you learned a little bit about Addi and some of her thoughts and opinion. I hope in the future you read some of her stories because they are going to be interesting.