My Interview With Katie

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My Interview With Katie

An image of Katie in Mr. Hawley's class

An image of Katie in Mr. Hawley's class

An image of Katie in Mr. Hawley's class

An image of Katie in Mr. Hawley's class

Ethan Hoffman, Contributor

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Have you ever wondered what the mind of a middle schooler? Well in this interview, you can find out. 






Q:What is your favorite book series? Why?

A: Maybe Divergence, because it’s full of action and very interesting, very cool book series.


Q:If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why?

A:The superpower I would have would be time-pause, or speed. So I’m not late for anything, and so I can get to places quickly.


Q:How long have you been in martial arts?  And what rank are you?

A:little more than 2 years now. I’m purple belt.


Q:What do you consider to be your weakness? Why?

A:I don’t really have a weakness.


Q:Can you tell me a little about yourself?

A:I have a dog. Her name is Mandy May, she is a wiener dog, and she only has one tooth.


Q:What is your goal in school? Why?

A:To leave with the highest grade, the 4.0, So I can get a good job so I can fulfill my dreams.


Q:Do you play any competitive sports? Why?

A:Hopefully, we can get me into being a cross country manager. Because I like running. But as a manager I don’t have to partake in races and competitive things.


Q:What do you think about the modern world?

A:I think that the modern world that we are creating now is kinda making us lower on oxygen, even if we need more houses and stuff. I mean I like the technology that we are making but i think that we are going a little bit too far.


Q:What is your best memory from last year? why?

A:I guess I  have none because all my memories are at the same level.


Q:What is your opinion about EMS? Why?

A:It’s really nice but I’m kinda ready to leave this school because I’m curious about what the high school looks like.


Q:If you have a pet cat, what kind of breed is it?

A:It is a Siamese.


Q:What is your favorite fruit? Why?

A:I don’t have one.


Q:Do you think that a hot dog is a sandwich?  Why or why not?

A:No, because sandwiches have 2 pieces of bread, while hot dogs have one.


Q:What is your favorite restaurant?  Why?

A:I don’t have one, I like a lot of restaurants.


Thank you Katie for giving us your time. In conclusion,  this interview has let us see what most middle schoolers are thinking and a little bit extra of Katie’s life as a middle schooler.