The Life of Mozart And Beethoven


This is Mozart

Will Samuels, Contributor

Have you ever wanted to learn about composers, their life, and how many songs they wrote? If you do read this story, it’s about two important composers: Mozart and Beethoveen. Let’s start with how many composers there are for piano. There are four-hundred one composers for piano. The two composers that will be talked about today are Mozart and Beethoveen. One of the two of the most important composers.

Mozart was from the Classical Period. A period where classical music was written. The Classical Period started in the seventeen twenties and ended in the 1850’s. Mozart eventually started to compose music at the age of five in the early 1750’s. When he was thirteen he mastered the violin, by the age of sixteen he was writing lots of music. Then at the age of thirty-five Mozart died. He died after writing over six hundred pieces. (Mozart)

Beethoven was from the Classical and Romantic Period. The only way he could be from both of those periods is that he was from one period called the Transitional Period. Beethoven is the only composer from the Transitional Period. The Transitional Period started in the 1790’s and ended in the 1820’s. Beethoven started to compose music at the age of eight in 1780’s. Then he wrote his best song, his last symphony. Symphony nine, Ode to Joy. He wrote Ode to Joy when he was fifty-three. Then, he died at the age of fifty-six after he wrote seven hundred twenty-two pieces. (Beethoven)

These were the lives of Mozart and Beethoven. Their lives may have been short, but they lived their lives to the fullest. I think they enjoyed their lives while writing their great music for everyone to hear.


Click the link below to hear two of their peices

Turkish March By: Mozart               Moonlight Sonata By: Beethoven