My basketball season 2019

Alli Hess, Contributor

The sound of the bell dismissing us from class, rushing to the next period walking through crowds of middle schoolers, the chores waiting for me when I get home and the late nights spent doing homework. My life is pretty chaotic. That’s why my favorite sport is basketball. When I play basketball my mind doesn’t focus on anything else there are no thoughts racing through my head, it’s just me and the ball. 

The best sound you can hear when playing basketball is the swish of the net when the ball goes through it. When you make a basket from in front of the 3 point line it is 2 points if you make a basket from behind the 3 point line it’s three points. The highest scorer in the nation is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holding the record with 38,387 points.  

One of the most important things in basketball is dribbling. Dribbling is the continuous motion of bouncing the ball up and down across or up the court. The person who dribbles is known as the point guard. The point guard’s job is to get the ball down the court and set up plays.

There is never a bad time to play basketball, but one of my favorite times to play is at tournaments.  A tournament is a series of games that you and other teams compete in. When you walk into a tournament the sounds you hear are basketballs dribbling against the ground, basketball shoes squeaking and the refs whistle blowing. When I walk in I get overwhelmed with all of the sounds but excited and eager to play basketball. 

I’ve had many coaches in the past by my favorite by far was Mr. Young. He cares for each and every one of his players and never stops motivating you. He knows your limits and pushes you to be your greatest. His love for basketball is strong and he’s willing to teach others about something that he loves and enjoys doing. His willingness to help and his motivation is what makes him such a great coach. He is not only a great coach but someone I look up to.

Michael Jordan was one of the best basketball players of all time he once said that “ I believe that if you put in the work the results will come.” Basketball is an amazing sport that requires focus and persistence. I love basketball because when you play you get a big rush of adrenaline. Basketball is a sport that you should try.