Bearded Dragon Care and Supplies

This is my Bearded Dragon, Eddie.

This is my Bearded Dragon, Eddie.

Chloe Fischer, Contributor

Have you ever had or wanted a lizard? Well, I have one. I am wanting to teach you the basic needs and care for a bearded dragon. In my opinion, they are the best pet you will ever have. I am hoping that this will help you if you have one or maybe even make you want to get one. 


The first thing I am going to talk about is how you will bathe your bearded dragon because that is very important: especially when they start to shed their skin. They will shed every 3-4 weeks if they are a baby. If they are an adult then they will only shed about 2-3 times a year. WOW, that’s a big difference. If you have a baby or adult then you will want to bathe them every single time they shed. Which can be every 3-4 weeks or maybe only 2-3 times a year. You will want to bathe them in a mixture of cool and warm water. You can bathe them in the bathtub or in the sink. Those are the basics of bathing a bearded dragon. 


The second thing that I am hoping to teach you about is their food. You will want to get them food every single week. When you get them food you will want to get them 20 small or big crickets  depending on your bearded dragons size. When they are babies, I do not recommend giving them roaches, but when they get older you will want to give them 10 roaches a week. They also LOVE veggies. They like to eat lettuce, sweet potatoes, spinach, and sugar snap peas. When you feed them the lettuce and spinach you will want to give it to them after you have chopped it up real fine. When you cut the sweet potato you will cut it in strips and the sugar snap peas will only be the seed inside the pea pod.


The last thing I will teach you about is their cage/enclosure. You will always want to make sure that their cage is clean. If you leave the feces in the cage they will most likely mistake it for food, and we do not want the bearded dragon eating their feces Inside the cage you will want to have a water tub, food pan, logs so that your bearded dragon can hide under them, a light for them to bask under, and a thermometer stuck on the wall to monitor the temperature in their cage. You will want to have a warm side and a cool side so that if the bearded dragon gets too hot it can go to the cool side and if it gets too cold it can go to the warm side. You will want to have the water, food, and maybe a hammock on the cool side, and logs and the light on the warm side. The temperature on each side will want to be 80 degrees on the warm side and 60 degrees on the cold side.


Now that you know the basic care of a bearded dragon maybe you will want to get one. Sometimes the bearded dragon can be a  little trickster because they will try and run away from you, but they are the best pet that you can ever have because they do not stink, they are friendly, and they are easy to feed.

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