Facts About Christmas

Here is a picture of how some people decorate a Christmas tree.

Here is a picture of how some people decorate a Christmas tree.

Amber Obermeyer, Contributer

Imagine white snow slowly falling onto the frozen grass, people singing Christmas songs, family gatherings, and people drinking hot chocolate. Some Christians believe that Christmas was started by the birth of Jesus, but not everybody believes that. I choose to write about these three features because I love Christmas and it is a happy time with all the music and the presents. I hope you enjoy this story and learn something new by reading this!

This first feature of Christmas is about the decorations people use for Christmas, like a Christmas tree, lights, and wreaths. The first detail is the Christmas tree. On the Christmas tree, you can put ornaments, lights, and make it look all pretty. The Christmas tree is used for decoration. It is also used for putting presents under when Santa comes. Lights can go anywhere around the house, on the tree, even on your clothes. Usually, people put red and green lights around their house because those are the colors for Christmas. I feel like the lights just bring joy and they are pretty.  People use red and white because it symbolizes Jesus Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. Another decoration are wreaths and wreaths aren’t really popular but some people use them and I like them. Wreaths are used to hang on doors and they are a pretty decoration for Christmas. They sometimes have a ribbon on the top and the wreath is in a circular shape. Wreaths were also called diadems meaning, a thing bound around.

This paragraph is all about Santa. You probably know of Santa and his sleigh. When Santa has to deliver his presents he rides in his sleigh and has all his presents in with him too. It is red and white and it is also really big so he can fit all his presents in the sleigh. When Santa goes and delivers his presents some people leave out cookies and milk for Santa to eat. The reason Santa’s belly is so big is that he eats so many cookies on Christmas eve/ Christmas. Every family does something different, they might just have cookies or they might just have milk or they might have both. When Santa rides his sleigh it doesn’t just float with nothing pulling it. That’s what the reindeer do. They pull Santa’s sleigh around the world so Santa can get to the houses easier.

Have you ever had a family Christmas dinner? Well, people like to eat family dinners and this paragraph is what people like to eat at Christmas. I personally don’t like mashed potatoes but my family makes them every year. They are mushy, creamy, and white. Some people like their mashed potatoes all mushy or they like them with the skin on them and some people make cool recipes with mashed potatoes. I know turkey is meant for Thanksgiving but believe it or not, people eat turkey for all kinds of holidays including Christmas. Some people go out and hunt for turkey’s and some people buy them at the store. I have never experienced going out and hunting for a turkey but many people go out and do it. Not many people eat mac and cheese for a Christmas dinner but some do. I know my family does. Mac and cheese can be cooked in many ways, it can be a box, from Walmart, or it can be homemade.

 I hope you have learned more about Christmas and some details about Christmas. I thought these features were really nice and I love the decorations because they make Christmas feel so ore light and nice! If you want to learn more about Christmas click the link down below.