Not Worth It (Almost Blinded)

Not Worth It (Almost Blinded)

Addilyn Skiles, Junior reporter

Have you ever made one of your siblings so mad that they accidentally end up hurting you? Well, that is what happened to me, but it all happened so fast it’s like I am reliving it now as I am telling my story to you.

It was a very hot summer day. I was about 7 and my brother was in the pool. Now I can’t remember exactly what I did to make him so mad, but he was mad. At the house we lived in we had a door in the backyard that leads into the garage. I was hiding behind that door while my brother was throwing the sinking toys at me. BANG! BANG! BANG! One after another I heard them hit the door. Every time after I heard something hit the door I would poke my little head out and make a face at my brother. Well, when he finally ran out of pool toys(or so I thought) I strutted on out of the garage and made faces at my enraged brother.

 Then, out of nowhere, he threw something at me. It was moving so fast I couldn’t see what it was. SMASH!!!!! The object hit me right it the temple. All I could feel was pain. Then something ran into my mouth. It was salty with a hint of even salter chlorine. It was blood. I felt my head and looked at my hand and all I could see was blood. It seemed as if everything had slowed down and all I could hear was my breath, it was as if nothing else was going on. I did not even hear my own screaming. Then out of the corner of my eye, I could see my mom rush right back inside the house to get my dad. Then it what seemed like hours my dad was rushing out to carry me inside. Blood was dripping everywhere all over me, all over my dad, and all over the ground. After I stopped crying and my mom finished bandaging my wound, the satisfaction hit, my brother was going to get in so much trouble. 

Over the next few days is when my injury started to heal. It turns out that my brother threw a spiky rock at me. But if that rock had been a centimeter closer to my eye I would have been blind in that eye. Even though there was a lot of blood, the scar is not really that noticeable.  But if you look at me closely you can still see the scar on my right temple.


So, in conclusion, try not to make your siblings mad (especially your older sibling)  because in the end it never works out well for you. Even if you get the satisfaction of seeing them get in trouble.