The Saddest Time

The first picture is my dad before the car accented. The second is him after.

The first picture is my dad before the car accented. The second is him after.

Rose Turpin, Jr. Reporter

Have you ever had something bad ever happen to you? Did it change your whole life? This is about how something happened to my dad that changed my life.

It was the same as usual at school. I was in second grade. It was warm out and I was happy it had been a nice day. I went to school at Village Elementary. Half or more of the day had passed.

Then my mom came to pick me and my siblings up early. I did not think anything was wrong. I was just happy that I got out of school early. But then my mom told us the sad news. My dad was in a car accident. She said he was in a car accident with a semi but later I found out it was with a van. 

We went to visit my dad in the hospital and He was in a coma. One day when we went to go see him, we couldn’t see him because we were too young. It was so sad that I could not see my dad. When he got out of the coma we eventually could see him. It was a really sad time. It was hard for him to swallow. He needed some lessons and he also needed thick drinks. He could not walk on his own and he couldn’t talk. Also, he could not use his right hand.

It was such a hard time for us because we didn’t get to see our dad enough. He still can’t walk on his own. He can’t really talk, but after lots of speech lessons he is better at it now. He still needs thickened liquid and can’t use his hand. I hope you don’t have to go through anything like that. If you did go through something like that, then I am sorry.  This brought our family closer together. I feel lucky that despite everything I still have my dad.