The Adventure Of Getting A Dog

This is a picture of a dog that looks like my dog Baer.

This is a picture of a dog that looks like my dog Baer.

Amber Obermeyer, Jr. Reporter

Have you ever gotten something you really wanted? Maybe a pet? Or a toy? I did and I got a puppy. I have had three other dogs but the one I will be talking about today is special! His name is Baer. He is a german shepherd terrier mix and he is three years old. Baer also has a little beard under his mouth, and it is gray and kind of crusty sometimes. He is also very playful, nice, and almost a perfect dog! This is not just any kind of story about a dog. This has an interesting part at the end and it is not something you expect! 


One day I got home and my mom told me and my brother that we were getting a new puppy! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to meet him. My mom, brother, step-dad, and I all got in the car to get our new dog. We also brought our other dog Bella with us to go and meet our new dog. In the car we all decided to name our new dog Baer.  The place we were getting him from was my stepdad’s friend’s house. His friend had an unexpected litter of puppies and he was giving them away so he asked us if we wanted him and we said yes. The awesome thing is that he was free!


After an hour of driving, we finally arrived at his house. When we got there we saw about 8 brown and black puppies playing together and they were all boys except one and it was a girl. We were going to get the girl but they decided to keep the girl dog. When we got out of the car it smelled like a dirty lake (because they had a little lake). I let Bella out of the car and she was basically next to me the whole time we were there. The owners came out and they handed us, our little puppy Baer. He was so small, just a little bigger than my hand. My step-dad held him and while he was holding him I pet him and he was so soft and fluffy he felt like cotton candy just not sticky! As we were standing there the owner said that one of the puppies was not here because it died. It died because it was playing in the lake and got stuck in the mud and drowned and his parents didn’t hear him whining. We all got sad when we heard that. We told them thank you and we were getting in the car about to leave when this happened…


As we were putting Bella in the car Baer’s parents started nipping at Bella. Bella started whimpering and the owners and my step-dad grabbed both of them and brought them away from each other. We got scared because Baer’s parents were not happy and they were taking all their anger out on Bella. We got Bella in the car safely and Baer’s parents were over by their other puppies. We were all in the car and we were ready to go, as we pulled out I could hear all the rocks hitting our car and tires. My brother and I were with Baer in the backseat of the car and Bella was being a good big sister. As we were about halfway home Bella pooped in the car and it smelled really bad. We stopped on the side of the road and let her out to go to the bathroom. She went out and took care of her business. We also let Baer out and kept a good eye on him. After we let the dogs out to go to the bathroom, we headed back on the road. Once we got home we all played with Baer, and I think Bella got a little jealous. She was pawing us and had that look in her eye. She always gets jealous whenever we give someone else or another dog more attention. We sat on the couch and held Baer and he was so small that he was only a little bigger than our hands. Now we can’t even pick him up or at least my mom, brother, and I can’t!


Baer is only 3 years old but he is so fun to be with and I love him! I am so glad we made the decision to get Baer, he was such a good addition to our family! It was definitely a journey to get him and bring him home but it was worth it, all the adventures,  trips, and stories. Baer is so much more energetic than the other animals we have now! He is awesome! If you are looking for a dog like Baer then this link down below will help you find the perfect dog or pet for you!