Going To Texas


Bailie Stair

Photo of a stone stature with the state of Texas on it

Bailie Stair, Jr. Reporter

The day we left was the beginning of the greatest week ever. When we got in the car that was the start of a ten-hour drive to San Antonia, Texas.  Today I will be telling you about the time I went to, San Antonia, for a dance competition. I saw lots of cool and interesting things, keep reading to find out at all about it.   

We had to leave early in the morning,  the people that went were my sister, Delane, my step-sister, and Divinity, and her dad James. A few hours into the drive we stopped to switch seats because Delane didn’t want to sit in the back, we also got lots of snacks. After, stopping a lot, and ten hours passed and we had finally arrived in Texas. It was so beautiful, there were lights everywhere and people were walking on the lit-up street. 

When we went to the hotel there was a big sitting area then to the right of the sitting area there was a big cow statue. The next day we walked around, went to the Riverwalk, and also to go to watch the older girl’s solo dances. after watching them, we left and swam in the pool at the hotel.

The next day I had my solo and I was very nervous because I didn’t know if I was going to get my trick in the dance. I had to wake up at five A.M because my hair and makeup had to be done by 6 o’clock and be at the competition at eight o’clock. When we arrived at the venue, the nervousness inside me was swelling up like a balloon this was nationals, I when I was on the side of the stage, I was so nervous the people I was going against were good. I had gone on stage and the music started and when I finished I was so out of breath, but I did great. 

At some competitions, they do shootouts which means you dance again for a bigger award. They were announcing it later that day so we left. They announced it I didn’t get called to do it I was kind of disappointed in myself because I didn’t make it but that didn’t matter because I still did great and the competition was fierce. At awards, I won a diamond which is the second-highest and first in my category. I did hip-hop and that doesn’t usually place as well as other types of dance but it still does good. 

On Wednesday I did four other dances and two of them made the shootout the two dance that I was in was Drag Race and Post That. My dances were back to back I had one dance to change costumes, I made it on the stage on time though. After dancing all day we had awards to go to which usually take around an hour to an hour and a half depending on how big it is. We won the shootout! After celebrating on stage awards were over and after a day or two of walking around texas and trying new things, we finally got the car out of the parking garage and drove home.