Almond Milk vs. Regular Milk

This is Almond Milk or Regular Milk.

This is Almond Milk or Regular Milk.

Chloe Fischer, Reporter

 Would you rather drink Almond Milk or Regular Milk? It is a common question when it comes to milk. In my opinion, I prefer to drink Chocolate Almond Milk, and Regular White Milk. In my story, I am going to tell you which milk is healthier, which milk tastes better, and the cost of the milk. I hope that this story helps you if you do not know what milk to get.


The almond milk would most likely be a healthier choice to drink. They make multiple flavors of Almond Milk. Including Chocolate, No Flavor, and Vanilla. The main reason that almond milk is healthier because it contains more natural vitamins, such as Vitamin E, and really healthy minerals. In regular milk, they have to add vitamins to the milk because when the milk comes from the cow it does not have the minerals and vitamins like the almonds in almond milk.  The thing is that almond milk does not have as much calcium as cow’s milk does, but the almond milk has more vitamins and minerals. The winner of the healthier round is obviously the Almond Milk.


The next thing that I am going to talk about is which tastes better: Almond Milk or Regular Milk. In my opinion, Almond Milk tastes better than Regular Milk. I asked my friend Alli Hess which kind of milk that she preferred. She said, “ Almond Milk, because it is more natural.” Almond Milk has more of a natural flavor and does not taste as pasteurized as Regular Milk. I also asked my other friend, Amber Obermeyer which kind she preferred. She said, “I prefer White Milk because Almond Milk has a weird taste that I do not like.” I would say that this round is a tie because people can not agree on which milk tastes better.


The last thing that I am going to tell you about milk is the cost. The cost of Almond milk is usually about $0.21 per ounce. And normal milk costs about $3.21 per gallon. So if you have one gallon of Almond milk then it costs about $2.99 per gallon. So, if you are looking for the cost benefits more than the taste, then I would go with Almond Milk. The reason that Almond Milk is cheaper is because the farmers do not have as much work as the Regular Milk farmers do because the White Milk farmers have to take care of the cows and they have to milk the cow. Where as Almond Milk farmers only have to maintain the trees and pick the Almonds. The Almond Milk has to win this round.


In conclusion, I recommend the Almond Milk because it is healthier, more cost-effective, and tastes better. But, if you absolutely hate Almond Milk, then that is okay. But if you are looking to get healthier, or just to try a different thing to drink, then you could try Almond Milk. You can use both milks in many things such as smoothies, ice cream, coffee,  and even Mac and Cheese. I hope that this story will encourage you to drink healthier and try new things.