All about Miss Bean

This is Miss Bean

This is Miss Bean

Rose Turpin, Beat reporter

I am interviewing Miss Bean because she is a very good teacher. I want more people to know what a good person she is too.

Me: Do you like all your students?

Bean: I love all of my students but some you just connect with more.

Me: Do you like all your classes?

Bean: I like all of my classes and think of them as many different personalities.

Me: Do you treat everyone the same?

Bean: No because everyone needs different things.

Me: What are your classes.

Bean: Language Arts and advisory and sponsor for The Ace It Up Club.

Me: Do you think you are good at your job?

Bean: I love being a teacher and I think I was born to do this job.

Those are some things about Miss Bean. Some more things are that she used to be a teacher before she taught here. She was also a youth pastor.