D&D Club

a group of players listening to the DM

a group of players listening to the DM

Ethan Hofman, Reporter

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Today is the very first day of the D&D club called Nerd Herd. On this first day we went down to the room for the club and started on creating character sheets. In D&D you are trying to complete quests without getting your characters killed. In D&D you can be anything you want and do anything you want, but there are some restrictions. The Dungeon Master controls the non-player characters (NPCs). Also, the NPC’s in D&D remember what you do and can react to what you are doing in various ways. For example, you yell at someone angrily, they can feel sad or down or they might yell back and soon a fight occurs. Hopefully, this will help you to understand D&D. If you still have questions, join Nerd Herd in Spartan Xtra on Mondays after school.