How Important Is Cleaning Your House?

This is an example of a clean house.

This is an example of a clean house.

Amber Obermeyer, Beat Reporter

Have you ever wondered how important cleaning your house is? If you have then this is the story for you. I chose this topic because I have always wondered about the consequences if you don’t clean your house. Keeping your house clean is very important. My three reasons to support this is because animals can carry diseases and give you a disease. Also, you can become lazier and trip over things and get severely injured.

My first reason why you should keep your house clean is, if it’s dirty it can attract animals that carry diseases like rodents and cockroaches. According to Immaculate Clean inc., “Failing to clean up food can also attract disease-carrying pests like rodents and cockroaches” This means that not cleaning your house can attract rodents and cockroaches and since they can carry diseases then it can possibly kill you. Some diseases that rodents carry are hantavirus, the plague, and many other deadly diseases.

The next reason that is important to know is that not cleaning your house can lead to obesity and less exercise. According to TheHealthSite, “A 2017 study jointly conducted by US and Australia showed that people tend to overeat or binge eat when they live in a cluttered surrounding” This means that you can be overweight if you don’t clean your house.  You tend to watch TV and eat more.

My last reason is that your house will get really messy and you will trip over things and severely hurt yourself. According to Wise Projects, “Unknowingly to some, falls are the leading cause of home injury deaths in the US and the UK, leading to around 33% of deaths within the home”. This means that people can die from all the clutter in their house from falling and tripping over stuff. 

In conclusion, I believe that you should keep your house clean so that you can be safer and healthier. If you have a dirty house then you can attract rodents and cockroaches that carry diseases. Also, you can become overweight and become lazier.  The last reason is that you could trip over stuff in your house because it’s messy and you could get severely injured. If you know anyone who has a dirty house go and help them before it’s too late.