Pep Assembly

This is the gym where the pep rallies are held.

Caroline Harrison

This is the gym where the pep rallies are held.

Bailie Stair, Beat Reporter


The Emporia Middle School had a pep assembly for the staff and students in the school’s gym during the first week of school. Today I will be talking about the pep assembly in the first week of school I also got an inside look to how to pep assemblies come together. 

In the first pep assembly of the year, we introduced sports and coaches. The first thing that happened was that the band, spirit squad, and anyone in sports go earlier than anyone else to get ready for the pep assembly and STUCO comes to get everything set up. You might think that Mrs.Mason makes the decisions for the pep assemblies she is the Student Council leader.  “I leave that up for the Students council members because these assemblies we started them three years ago,” as Mrs.Mason said. I thought before I started that planning a pep assembly would be easy because everything goes so smoothly but apparently it’s a lot harder than you might think “I love that moment right after the assembly when the announcer is like it’s done we did great and all the people that planned it are like ok we did great and that relief.”

Once everyone got into the gym coaches started talking about the sports they coach. One of them is cross country, they run in meets and can place and get medals. Another one they talked about is volleyball and they would go out of town and compete they usually stay after school and practice. The third one they talked about was football and they go against different teams. The last one they talked about was soccer they will go out of town and they stay after school to do the practice. After they announce all of the sports Student Council chooses one teacher and one student that the school nominated. The teachers and students can get nominated for doing nice things around the school. “We always celebrate our people so people can show what they’re involved in and celebrate the team,” this is said by the EMS middle school’s principal Mr.Bazan.

One of the last things that happen at pep assemblies is that a few Students Council members. Choose a few students from the sixth grade, 7th, and 8th to play knockout against the teachers.  The last thing that happened at the pep assembly is that Spirit Squad comes back out and starts cheering and the band will play again and the students start to leave the gym and go back to class. “Student council plans all the pep assemblies and to be quite honest I think they rock,” Says EMS principle Mr.Bazan. If you ask anyone in the school and they probably will say that the pep assemblies are planned perfectly.

The pep assemblies are very well planned by the Student Council and everyone that is in them. Pep assemblies bring attention to staff and students of the Emporia middle school. Pep assemblies bring school spirit and give everyone a break from working. In the end, pep assemblies bring fun and spirit to the school.