7 Reasons Why Emporia Should Be The Capital Of Kansas Insead Of Topeka

This Is a Picture Of Emporia Kansas

This Is a Picture Of Emporia Kansas

Addilyn Skiles, Beat Reporter

Emporia is a wonderful town. It has everything a normal town would have, but it also has so much more. And that is why I think that Emporia should be the capital and not Topeka. Keep reading and I will show you 7 amazing reasons that Emporia should be the capital instead of Topeka.


1. Reason one is that Emporia has been voted best-tasting water in the world. According to,  KansasCity.com, “Emporia, Kansas, has won the Best Tap Water prize at the 23rd annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting” Yet another site labeled VisitEmaporia.com says, “During four of the last five years, Emporia has been a top 5 contender in the Municipal Water category in the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition. Our crowning achievement was in 2013 when Emporia took first place – Best in the World Gold Medal.” This means that, that in 2013 Emporia was voted to have the most delicious water in the world and anytime we don’t win first place we get in the top five. Currently, we have second-best tasting water.


2. My second reason is that we have ESU (Emporia State University). We have ESU for crying out loud the best teacher college in the world. Right now we have about 3,569 students per year which is a lot if you ask me. In the city of Emporia, we have about 24,724 people and so that means that 14.43% of people that live in Emporia go to ESU. So in turn, many of the teachers we have at EHS and EMS are from the best teacher college.  


3. The third reason is related to the second reason, it is that we have the teacher hall of fame. Although this might not be as high up on the list as some of the others it is still something that is not found anywhere else in the US. According to Emporia.edu, “The National Teachers Hall of Fame was established in 1989 in Emporia, Kansas, and is the only facility in the United States to recognize outstanding teachers on a national level”. Which supports my previous statement.


4. Reason number four is that we are home to the famous William Allen White. He lived in Emporia and his house is still intact and can be toured by anyone. We, the people of Emporia, have even named a whole school in honor of him. If you find yourself wondering what William Allen White did that made him so special, I will tell you. I am going to make it brief(there will be no huge history lesson). According to Kansapedia, “William Allen White (February 10, 1868 – January 29, 1944) was an American newspaper editor, politician, author, and leader of the Progressive movement. Between 1896 and his death, White became a spokesman for middle America. Born: February 10, 1868, Emporia, Kansas. Education: College of Emporia, University of Kansas Died: January 29, 1944 Periodical: Emporia Gazette”. So there it is. We, Emporia, are home to the famous William Allen White. 


5. The fifth reason and a very important reason is that the one and only Emporia is home to the one and only Veterans Day Memorial. Which you can visit 24,7,365 (or 366 if it’s a leap year) at 931 S Commercial St #931, Emporia, Kansas, 66801. The veterans day memorial is sent to honor those serving our country, who have served our country and especially those who have lost their lives in the process of saving ours.  If you want to learn more about the veteran’s day memorial click here


6. Reason number six is most likely the biggest reason of all it is the fact that EMPORIA CREATED VETERANS DAY! I mean that right there just says it all. WE, EMPORIA CREATED VETERANS DAY! I mean how amazing is that? We have done all these other great things but this is just icing on the cake. 


7. Seven, reason number seven, is… wait, first I have to ask you a question. Did your town invent a national holiday? Did Topeka invent a national holiday? I didn’t think so. Well, Emporia did WE CREATED VETERANS DAY! I know this was reason number six but it was just so great it just had to be told twice and it had to be counted as another reason why Emporia should be the capital and not Topeka. If you were wondering when veterans day is, you’re in luck because I’ ll tell you, veterans day is every November 11th, each year for the past 93 years and for many more years to come. Another amazing thing about veteran’s day is that all non-essential federal government offices are closed on Veterans Day, and all federal employees are paid if they receive the day off. Plus all the schools get veterans day off to. I know awesome right? EMPORIA CREATED VETERANS DAY! EMPORIA CREATED VETERANS DAY! AND Topeka DID NOT! 

In conclusion Emporia not only has some of the world’s best tasting water we also have ESU, the teacher’s hall of fame, veterans day memorial, we are home to William Allen White, we created veterans day, and last but not least, WE CREATED VETERANS DAY! So next time you say that Topeka should be the capital and not Emporia remember all of these facts and then think again.