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Alli Hess, Beat Reporter

  Does your town have that one team that seems impossible to beat? Well, I know we do. For us that team is Seaman. Seaman was the only undefeated team in our league until we played them. This is the time we beat Seaman. 

  I interviewed Amber Obermeyer about her thoughts on the game. I first asked her what was your favorite part of the game. She said, “ I enjoyed the high energy and every time we got a point we celebrated with excitement”.  Asked why she thought we played as well as we did, she responded with, “we all could look in the stands and see someone that we know. I think the pressure of looking good in front of our family and friends helped us play better. We were excited to play and enjoyed being on the court.” 

  The next person interviewed was Ms.Heitschmidt (our coach). I asked her the same questions she responded with “My favorite part of this game was feeling the energy in the room. I could hear the player’s excitement, but also could see the fans becoming more and more invested in the girls getting the win.  We played the way we did because we were playing a team that held us to a higher standard. My players constantly play at the level of who they are playing and when they are asked to step up to the plate, they do! I saw a sense of hard work and belief in themselves that I have never seen before. They believed in the person next to them and wanted to succeed for their neighbor. I have never been more proud!” 

  The energy on the court was unbelievable. We had fans and parents cheering as loud as they could every time the ball touched the opponent’s court. Our team thrived under the pressure of close friends, family, teachers, and fellow students being in the stands. We took the win in the first set by five then the second set started and the tension in the room grew tighter. We could either take the win home or fight in a third set. We as a team decided it was time we beat them in only 2 sets and we were successful. 

  Someone once said, “Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships”. On this night we all came together as a team and worked together to pull out the win against Seaman and Shawnee on our home court.