Bailie Stair, Beat Reporter


At school, she acts happy she tells her friends she’s fine but she  knew she was telling white lies

Sometimes she doesn’t know if she’ll make it through the night summer rolled around long sleeves never white for the cuts were bleeding through

Every night she cries herself to sleep cause no one cares enough  that she wants to die on the inside

Why fight the pain, she’s numb now from the sadness that consumes her so often it’ll be easier to say goodbye then cry every night she wants to die 

But can’t let others know what she feels on the inside, because they’ll only give fake advice for when they cry it’s not every night but for when she cries its because she wants to be listened to

She bullied at school for not talking but when she talks no one care enough to respond cause they’re to busy spreading rumors about her fake depression that’s very real

When she doesn’t come to school the next day her fake friends wonder what happened to their little tool. That just killed herself because she was bullied at school