Featured Student: Aubrey Williams


Cadence Butler, Contributer


Aubrey Williams is a 7th grader at Emporia Middle School.   Have you ever wondered what people are thinking? I asked Aubrey some questions about our school and I think you might want to read them.


What are your fav things to do at EMS?

“My favorite thing to do, is talk at Middle School. Like in class like if we get a little break like or something I’ll like to talk to friends or like, it’s either that or volleyball. Because I really like having volleyball after school. My least favorite thing to do is sit in a chair all day long and just, take notes. Taking notes is horrible like it wears out my hand. It’s just…… bluuuuuggghhh.”


Do you like anything about 6th grade better than 7th?

“I like that we had less homework and that the Science classes were easier. Because my sister, when she was taking 7th grade Science, she hated it. Like they had like so much homework and stuff and then she didn’t like Social Studies that much either because it was like about like -pause- ummm like the Kansas History and Kansas History isn’t that exciting I guess and then there’s, like, umm, learning about like cost and the like economy and things like that and I just don’t like that either.”


What do you like to do?

“I (like to) play volleyball because I just like playing volleyball. It’s like, ok, so this might sound like I’m a lazy person, but we don’t have to run up and down courts and stuff. Because we just have to run like a short distance to hit the ball.”


Why do you like volleyball?

“Because I don’t have to run up and down the court and we get to spike balls and I’m like really tall so it gives me like an advantage.”


Do you partake in any other school like activities?

“Not as of yet. I did participate in TRIO (last year) which is this like college preparation thing that they do after school. We get to go on like college tours and things like that.”


Who is your favorite teacher(s)?

“Who’s my favorite teacher? Uhhh…. Mr. Hawley…..yeah. Why?

‘Cause he’s like really nice and he gives us like freedoms and we get to like have a lot more control over what we do. Mr. Hawley and Ms. Barrett are like top notch. She’s like, she likes to joke around and things. It’s nice to have a break from all like TAKE NOTES AND DO THIS AND DO THAT.”


What classes do you recommend?

“Well I didn’t take them but like History classes like Long ‘60s is like really cool ‘cause like it helped my sister with like stuff like that and then you get to watch like more movies and things. I like recommend Chorus  because Ms. Barrett is like the best teacher ever.

If you could change anything about EMS what would you change?

“What would I change about EMS? I would change kinda like the setup because the 7th grade wing should be up front so we can just go there like right off the bat and I think the cafeteria  should have more seating. Because they took away like the tables for Purple Team and everybody’s like flooding into other teams.”


What are some impacts EMS has had on you?

“I think impacts would be like I feel like I’m more responsible and I like because before we didn’t have  any homework at all. And now their like preparing us for actual jobs. We’re going to have to do stuff that you have to do at home and stuff that you have to participate in that is like forceful and stuff like that. So I think it better prepares me for like real life.”


What do you like and dislike about your schedule?

“Ok so the World Studies class like on Red days and stuff like I have Science too so I’ll only have one elective which is kind of depressing because I wanted to take like the Civil War and the Long 60’s and stuff like that and I didn’t get to take them because I had to cut them out of my schedule. But other than that I am pretty happy with how my schedule is planned out.”

Aubrey Williams is a very nice girl with some great opinions about her school. What do you think about your school?