5 Wonders Of The Human Body, Solved(Finally)

5 Wonders Of The Human Body, Solved(Finally)

5 Wonders Of The Human Body, Solved(Finally)

Addilyn Skiles, Senior Reporter

So, we humans know everything. Right? WRONG! In fact, there are more things that humans don’t know than things that we actually do know. Many of the things that we don’t know about are actually about our own bodies (ironic right?). So today I’m going to solve 5. Keep reading to find out more.



Hiccups, they were one of the most debated topics of science until just recently. Scientists think they figured it out. We are mostly sure that hiccups actually stem from you as a baby because you actually needed hiccups to live. What I mean by that is, when you were a baby you didn’t know anything. You had to be taught everything, even breathing. I know, crazy that you had to be taught something as simple as breathing that is an everyday thing that you do without even thinking. Anyway, when you were a baby your body gave you the hiccups to force you to breathe, and now as you’re older the hiccups are just a useless skill that has been carried on from your earlier years as a baby. 


The Yawn?

Now this one is easy. Right? Wrong! I know that in your life you have been told that. 1, the yawn is contagious, and 2. The yawn is a sign that you are tired and that you did not get enough sleep. Well, as a matter a fact both of those theories are wrong. The yawn is actually your brain needing more oxygen. What happens is, when your brain needs oxygen it just tells your body to breathe very deeply so that some of the oxygen that you just inhaled gets to your brain. But, what is not true is that the yawn is contagious. Then why do I yawn when someone around me yawns? Well, the answer to that is simple. When someone around you yawns your brain sees them and is like, ‘oh, they just yawned, I think I am low on oxygen to(yawn)’ and that is the mystery of the yawn, solved.



There are many different theories as to why we get goosebumps, but only one is correct. The truth of the matter is that when we humans were covered completely in hair and we got cold our hair would automatically stand up creating a fluffy layer of warmth. But, in a more scientific manner, when we’re cold, the muscles around the hair follicles contract. All goosebumps are and will ever be is a reflex left over from when our ancestors had long body hair. But because we aren’t covered in hair all we see are the bumps. If you were wondering, the name goosebumps come from when the feathers of a goose are plucked there are tiny bumps on the goose’s skin ergo, goosebumps. 


Popping your fingers?

Next in the long line of things we don’t know about our own bodies; popping your fingers. Now, this is something that I have seen most people do, but the origin of this anomaly has been unsolved until recently. Just remember that scientists aren’t completely sure and there is still a large debate on the topic. But, most scientists can agree that the popping of your fingers comes from when muscle joints are pulled apart there forms a tiny cavity filled with gas which then collapses, creating a popping noise. Currently, there is a small group of scientists who are thinking that popping/cracking your fingers/knuckles could even be good for your health. 



We all know that every person’s fingerprint is unique and no two people have the same fingerprint. But, where do fingerprints come from and why do we have them? For many years scientists thought that fingerprints were for grip, but that’s actually way farther from the truth. The truth is they were made so that less of your soft skin comes in contact with something that you are to touch. Where they come from is actually your mom’s belly, because when you were in the womb your little baby fingers touched the inside of the placenta(the sac in which you were formed.)


Well, that’s it. That’s 5 mysteries of the human body solved(FINALLY). The human body is so complex and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Even though there are still many things about the human body that we don’t know, I hope I at least cleared somethings up for you. Now, I encourage you to go out and learn about something that you don’t already know a lot about.