Bailie Stair, Jr. editor

imagine you’re in the water at a beach, the water’s top is cool and calm but underneath there’s undertow and you get strung along deeper and darker into the water qualm

why did it happen like this? one minute I’m fine now i’m in an abyss of problems, why did it happen like this?

i was in 7ft of water now this 20 ft of troubled water, it feels the same, am I in the same game?

i’ve tried swimming to safety leaving it all behind, but the water’s grip is a strip of my time.

i have nice things i can’t be depressed they say, but underneath all the shine i’m like a little girl crying

i know others are out there deeper than me but they’re not only in need

i struggle to keep my head above the waters, i fight cause I saw the light bright and burning

my head slips sometimes the salty water fills my mind from time to time i don’t know why i try sometimes

i see the land, i float closer and closer till i feel the sand stable land again.