Top 5 Instruments To Play

This is a piano, the instrument I play. Source:

This is a piano, the instrument I play. Source:

Will Samuels, Junior Editor

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument and didn’t know which one to play? If you have, this story will tell you what the most popular instruments to play.

This is not hard to believe for some people, but the piano is the number 1 instrument to play. According to Creative Soul Music School, they say that 21 million Americans play the piano. This could mean that there are some people in your class that play the piano. I think by far the piano is the most popular instrument.
The guitar comes in at second with 16 million players according to Google Answers, which means the guitar comes in with a close second place. This instrument is played in lots of places like the U.S.A, Mexico and many other places.

The violin, an orchestral instrument, comes in third for the most popular instrument around. This instrument is well known and is used in lots of classical and usually accompanied by a piano or an orchestra. Some people say it is hard to play. Others don’t and this may be why it is the third most popular instrument.

Having to hear a drummer practice every day can get annoying, but drums are number 4 on this list. There are lots of people that play the drums. (I think most drummers play in a band). This instrument may be loud, but it can be fun to play.

Wondering what the last instrument is on the list? You might guess saxophone. (Because you should have read the subtitle). If your just learning to play the saxophone, this instrument might seem hard to play at first. This instrument might be highly rated because most people look cool while playing the saxophone.

In conclusion, this is a list of the most played instruments. If you try learning these instruments it may be hard to learn at first, but it will get easier as you continue to learn. I hope this helped you try and find the right instrument for you.

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