An Interview With Caleb Dexter


Oliver Sheeley, Contributor

Today I will interview Caleb Dexter a 7th grader here at EMS for the EMS sound that actually got its name from the EHS Echo at the high school because the sound comes before the echo. Sorry for sidetracking, onto the interview.

Oliver: What that is new about Seventh Grade did you like
Caleb: The New classes.

Oliver: Of all your new classes which one is your Favorite
Caleb: Tech With Mr. Metz.
Oliver: And is Mr. Metz your favorite Teacher?
Caleb: Yes

Oliver: Of everything in seventh grade what did you dislike
Caleb: Third Lunch I like To eat early

Oliver: One of the things about COVID school is google meet, do you like google meets
Caleb: No, I do not like google meet because I have to sit down all-day

Oliver: Have you had any problems with google meet internet wise
Caleb: No it’s been fine

Oliver: What are you nervous about for this school year
Caleb: Good grades

Oliver: So by good grades do you mean in general or is there a class that you think will be particularly hard
Caleb: No just good grades in general

Oliver: Do you play A sport If so what
Caleb: Yes and I play baseball

Oliver: Why do you play baseball
Caleb: For fun

Oliver: What was your team name
Caleb: The Shock Dawgs

Oliver: What is your favorite professional baseball team
Caleb: Royals

Oliver: Why
Caleb: Because It is what my parents like.

Oliver: Have you ever been to a Royals game if, so which one
Caleb: No I haven’t

Oliver: Thank you for your time and have a good day

Thank you, Caleb, for your time, and Helping me get to know you better, you did awesomely! Thanks Again!